Confidence I.T Skills course

Here at T.S.X we are strong believers that everyone should have the chance to get to use computers and laptops, so we have put together our own Confidence building course. We aim to help anyone who is looking to learn how to go about every day things most of us take for granted like surfing the web, sending emails, on-line shopping and social media like Facebook and Twitter and so on.

We will be teaching basic I.T that will help build your Confidence and you will get to know your way round Windows 8.1 along with using programs for a wide range of skills. We want you to learn at your own pace so we will take our time and we will keep trying until you feel Confident with what you have learnt.

There is no set time on how long this course will be running as many people learn at different rates so we will cater for everyone’s need even if it takes you 5 minutes or 5 months to feel Confident we will help you every step of the way.

It can be very daunting looking at new technology these days that’s why we’re here to help you get over the fear of using the Internet and over coming the wall that is in front of you. We are here to help you get the skills and confidence needed to be able to do what is needed when it comes to using computers. We have 8 laptops on hand at all times 4 are brand new laptops with Windows 8.1 on them along with the latest software like Office 2013 also we have 4 laptops that have Windows 7 on them. If there is any thing you would like to learn please let us know and we will try our hardest to help.

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